Lose weight, Boost your Testosterone & Ditch the Toxins.

All while eating real food.

The Man up Detox is a 21-day is a medically customized detox system meant to kick start your health, and take back control of your life, without deprivation or hunger. You get to eat real food, increase your energy and get back to being YOU.

How its done

No starvation here.

We’ll show you how and what to eat to keep that appetite under control. Eat balanced meals filled with nutrients and flavor.

Removing the toxins.

Eliminating the junk helps optimize your body to not only lose weight but clear brainfog, aid in digestion and even improve the quality of your sleep.

Daily Supplements

No, these are not your run-of-mill subpar or Instagram fad supplements. Made from safe quality ingredients, and hand picked by Dr.Blanche, they are only available through licensed medical practices.

Dr. Kristine Blanche received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from The Catholic University of America and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physician Assistant studies from Long Island University, where she graduated with honors. Dr. Blanche studied Experiential Health Healing at The Graduate Institute, and graduated with her MD/PhD Magna/Summa Cum Laude in 2015 from USAT. She has an extensive medical background, including 20 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Wound Care, Critical Care and General Surgery at such prestigious institutions as George Washington University Hospital and The North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset. Her passion is to bring a strong focus of the PREVENTION of disease to her clients.

All in one

With one click you will be on your way to a cleaner, healthier, maximized version of yourself. We take the hassel out of shopping thousands of supplements with our convenient Man-Up detox kit personally customized by Dr.Blanche herself.

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