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Hi Guys! Dr. Kristine Blanche here I have been practicing medicine for about 25 years and I practice emergence medicine, surgery, critical care and now I practice preventive medicine, and it’s the best kind because I get to prevent illness which is awesome. This Detox this Man Up Detox is literally going to change your life and I am here to tell you today what it’s all about.

Why do this program? If you want to lose weight, it can help you with that, if you want to feel good, it can help you with that. Most guys come in and say I feel achy, I feel kind of irritated, I feel kind of loss of interest in the things I used to like. I am stressed, my libido is suffering, I am not interested anymore, and they don’t know what is going on, if any of that rings to you, you need this program. So, you have a lot of responsibility family, kids, parents, work, & everything. You have all these things on your shoulders.

I am going to partner with you and then I am not only help you detox from chemicals and bad stuff, help you get your body back, your health back, your vitality back but when I help you find a little more joy in your life, kind of get back in touch with the heck, the purpose of this whole life is anyway. That is what the detox is all about this is not just a quick fix, little supplement in bag with a book. This is you and me partnering together, I am going to grab your hand, I am going to teach you what I took 46 years to learn.

Life is not about just getting through, it’s got to be about enjoying your moments, living the most vital life you can. A lot of people work their ass off for long time in hopes of retiring and then to be able to enjoy it. And frankly, I have seen too many cases that they never got there, they got sick, get it right before, or right after and they couldn’t enjoy it, they spent all that time trying to get their health back and that’s not just acceptable, no matter how busy you are, and how much you stuff you have on your plate, how much you have on your shoulders, the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s not acceptable to let this life, be just okay. It’s not acceptable if you are not really feeling great enjoying your life, your girlfriend, enjoying your life is that what you want? Is that okay with you? If it is not okay with you then this is the program for you!

So, you are going to take your health back, you’re going to make it happen. It’s not going to be a walk in the park. You’re going to have to Not do somethings that you like doing every day, you are going to have to take some pills, you are going to do some stuff, you are going to have to participate in getting the right food in your body, this is you deciding that the way you feel, if you don’t feel great, if you don’t feel just as good as you did in your 20’s? Then there is no reason for that. I am going to share with you how you can turn back your body into that place it was before. I have had patients lose 40 pounds and tell me they haven’t felt this good in 20 years that is what it’s all about.

You have to make sacrifices it didn’t take two days for this process, for this body to get where it is right now, how many decades did it take you to get where you are? Think about how much abuse you might have given that body, some more than others. Drinking, smoking, out there partying, what did you do to get to the place right now? You know what, don’t beat yourself about it. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and I say that seriously because your body regenerates every 7 years. 90% of the body regenerates every 7 years. So the crap that you did in your 20’s can be left in your 20’s. You have to get this stuff out of your body, you have to fill it with good stuff and you have to make a choice in your life that you deserve more.

So, if you make that choice you put your information below, you sign it up, you make it happen, you man up and you take control. This is your journey; the question is are you ready?

If you are ready, then I am ready to be your partner and if you are ready, you sign up down there and I would see you on the other side and together we would get your health back.


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